Gain Access to the network that’s
shaping the future of AI & Blockchain

Gain Access to the network that’s
shaping the future of AI & Blockchain

Our Big Innovation Network is one of the most sophisticated and high-level networks in the world of technology. To be a key part of this technological transformation, you can gain access to the Big Innovation Network by becoming a Corporate Partner or an Individual Member.

As an Individual Member of the Big Innovation Network you can access the biggest, best and most exclusive network that’s shaping the future of AI and Blockchain.


Access to a peer network of business leaders, politicians, regulators, lawyers, global C-Suite executives of major corporations, entrepreneurs, investors, academics and policy makers

Ability to influence the financial, social, political and regulatory future of AI and Blockchain

Access to Big Innovation Centre All-Party Parliamentary Groups on AI and Blockchain, events, showcases, receptions and evidence forums

Ability to access and contribute to thought leadership, knowledge transfer, data governance, citizen participation and investment opportunities

Unrivalled networking opportunities




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Innovation Fellowship


Secure your Innovation Fellowship below.

The fee is £1000 for one year (12 months) and £1500 for two years (early offer)

Please note: Individual membership is non-transferable. Once you pay your fee you accept the terms & conditions





“There could not have been a better place for me to launch the Government’s Innovation and Growth Strategy than the Big Innovation Centre.”

(December 2011)

Rt Hon David Willetts MP

“As I said when Barclays first joined the Big Innovation Centre, I want to put innovation right back at the heart of our business for the benefit of our customers.”

“Our own co-creation days and our renewed emphasis on supporting innovation and entrepreneurs have been catalysed by our Big Innovation Centre membership. We look forward to working with the team in 2014 and beyond.”

(December, 2013)

Antony Jenkins

“So I am delighted to be here at the Big Innovation Celebration and to take the chance to acknowledge the contribution that Birgitte [CEO, Big Innovation Centre] and her colleagues have made in developing and celebrating the culture of innovation. Our job in Innovate UK is to fund and connect businesses, to help to create economic growth and to underpin improved productivity ..We are now working on our long term strategy, so I have been asking my colleagues – how do we adopt some of the thinking from Big Innovation Centre into our own long term plans.”


Ruth McKernan

“At EDF Energy and EDF Group more generally we have a long and enduring commitment to research and innovation .. I am convinced that the work of Big Innovation Centre will provide a great boost to innovation in the UK”

(April 2016)

Xavier Mamo

“GSK is eager to take the opportunity to help UK break through innovation barriers as a part of the Big Innovation Centre’s vibrant research and evidence-driven approach. The inclusion of business as integral collaborators is novel, the experience from industry of innovation has largely been missing in research to date and it brings an important additional perspective that we hope will contribute to innovative solutions.”

(September 2011)

Dr Jackie Parkin